Municipal Affairs

2021-2022 Kemptville and District Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony


In 2018 North Grenville elected a brand-new Council. Among the things that were heard during the campaign was the desire for more civic engagement, more transparency and increased accountability. Led by Mayor Nancy Peckford, this Council delivered on all three. In 2022, Mayor Peckford and this Council was re-elected.

“Good governance doesn’t just happen, it happens because capable people are elected into those positions. Without question the current group of elected officials have typified the kind of municipal government North Grenville has longed for.  We need to ensure their work continues.” – Neil Whyte

I care deeply about this community and I’m honoured and proud to be able to continue making a positive contribution to North Grenville as your Councillor. Led by Mayor Nancy Peckford, I want to continue the progress this high functioning and progressive Council has made in the areas of civic engagement, affordable housing, environmental stewardship, improved recreational amenities, client-driven service delivery, smart growth through development design guidelines, built heritage preservation and support for the arts. With my Council colleagues, we’ve accomplished a lot during our first term, including keeping residential property taxes under 2% each and every year!

AGRICULTURE & ENVIRONMENT – From 2018 to 2022, as a member of both the Environmental Action and the Agriculture/Rural Affairs Advisory Committees, I ensured that waste management and drainage issues were priorities.

Done: The GREEN BIN PROGRAM. We transitioned into a contract for our waste management services that included an organics program.

To Do: work with the Environmental Action Advisory Committee, and Public Works staff to implement more environment friendly policies and practices and to manage the transition to Producer Responsibility for recyclables.

Done: A STORMWATER MASTER PLAN. We contracted a Drainage Engineering company to assess and make recommendations on both urban and rural drainage infrastructure

To Do: work with the relevant Advisory Committees, and Public Works staff to implement recommendations to mitigate the effects of climate change and increase the productivity of agricultural land.

HERITAGE & ARTS/CULTURE – From 2018 to 2022, as a member of both the Heritage and the Arts & Culture Advisory Committees, we preserved our built heritage, celebrated our unique history, and developed policies to support local artists and local events.

Done: Assisted the North Grenville Historical Society their move from the Courthouse and supported their plans for continued and sustainable growth. Committed funds to the rehabilitation of Maplewood Hall and the former Township Hall in Oxford Mills.

To Do: establish an Arts and Culture Development Fund as part of North Grenville’s first Arts and Culture Policy, recently passed by Council


Done: Council funded and implemented a Covid Business Recovery Plan; worked with the Counties to develop plans to mitigate the impact on local businesses during the County Road 43 Expansion. – Oh yah, led by Mayor Peckford, Council secured a 40-million-dollar investment in a brand new four lane bridge, safe pedestrian crossings, multi-use pathways on both sides of the “boulevard” with lighting, landscaping, and trees.

To Do: continue to provide oversight during the Cty Rd 43 construction phase and to conduct excellent communications with the public and businesses.


With Mayor Peckford and my Council colleagues I will continue to push for: better Internet, more local Doctors, defined community benefits related to the construction of the jail, a vibrant walkable downtown, community cohesion and the preservation of our small-town feel.

North Grenville, much has been accomplished over the past four years but there’s more to be done. – John Barclay

Mayor’s Youth Advisory Group

John was elected to North Grenville’s Municipal Council in the fall of 2018 and from 2018 to 2022 served as Council’s Public Works Liaison. He was the Chair of the North Grenville Police Services Board and sat as a member of the following committees:

  • Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee
  • Arts and Culture Advisory Committee
  • Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Agriculture and Rural Affairs Advisory Committee
  • Environmental Action Advisory Committee

John’s Volunteer Activities in North Grenville:

  • Founding Member, since 2013  MyView Youth Film Festival
  • Director, 2009 – 2018  Oxford Mills Community Association
  • Director, 2014 – 2018  Kemptville Farmers’ Market
  • Director, 2014  Dandelion Festival
  • Member, 2015 – 2018  Economic Development Advisory Committee, Municipality of North Grenville
  • Founding Member and Director, 2017-2018, Kemptville District Community Association
  • Founding Member and Private, 1812 Grenville Militia
  • Founding Member and Executive Director, Triune Arts

Finally – Let’s Get Out The Vote! and make North Grenville the most politically active community in Ontario!

Are you registered to vote? To find out; go to:

Voter Helpline: 1-833-868-3641

Residents can check to see if they are on the Voters’ List or get themselves added to the List by visiting the Municipal Office during regular office hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) and speaking to someone from the Clerk’s Office. In addition, electors can send inquiries to:

Visit: for additional information.

The voting period in the municipality of North Grenville is between October 17 through to October 24th 2022. Voting will take place online and by phone 24 hours/day between October 17th and 24th. Advance Polls happen October 21st and 22nd; Election Day is October 24th at the Municipal Centre.